Pearl Jam

The Magic of Music

In November 2019, I first heard about a mysterious virus in Wuhan, China.  While I felt empathy and concern for those who were impacted by it, I did not give it much thought.  At least, I didn’t, at first. At the start… Read More ›

If I Held On

I planned to spend the evening enjoying a silent night alone at home, when my plans changed somewhat.  I spent it alone, but it was anything but silent.  As I backed out of my driveway to allow my oldest daughter’s… Read More ›

Still Jamming

In the past year, I have attended numerous 50th birthday celebrations, and there are more on the horizon. Some of these celebrations were large-scale, elaborate events. Some were small and intimate. Still others were a complete surprise to the 50-year-old… Read More ›

The After Show

Last night, I took in my second Pearl Jam show, which makes me feel most unworthy among the long-time Ten Club members, whose concert attendance is in the double, even triple, digits.  To them, I bow down.  What I lack… Read More ›

I Am Mine

Sometimes, when I hear a song for the first time, it becomes an instant game changer.  It is rare, but when it happens, it is a precious gift indeed.  Yesterday was one of those times, and Pearl Jam’s, “I Am Mine”,… Read More ›