Lessons from Dr. Frankenstein’s Laboratory

During the Halloween season, we celebrate all things scary and spooky.  Things that go bump in the night.  Ghosts. Goblins. Witches. Monsters.  We indulge in ghost stories, horror movies, and frightening costumes, and we carry on age-old traditions, such as… Read More ›

Cut Bait

Life, the universe, God, whoever, or whatever has a funny way of putting us to the test.  When such tests are administered, sometimes, I feel like a straight A student who easily aces said test and moves to the head… Read More ›

Empty Nest

Recently, I wrote about an aviary discovery that I made in The World Outside My Window.  From the moment, I spied that family of four birds, I took an unlikely interest in them.  I have never been much of a bird… Read More ›


It is funny how many people enter and exit our lives throughout the years.  Some people have been in our lives nearly for as long as we have been alive, while others come and go so quickly that they barely register… Read More ›

Be Advised

I am beginning to think that 2015 has been some sort of sick cosmic joke, where I am the punchline.  During an awkward conversation about relationships, I was left with this nugget of dating advice, “You just need to put… Read More ›

Plus None

October always has been one of my favorite months, for fall is my most favorite season, and I feel like fall goes full throttle in the tenth month of the calendar year.  The leaves burst into colorful hues, there is… Read More ›


“Reduce, reuse, and recycle” has become a familiar mantra and way of life for many of us, as we take steps to protect the environment.  We have become more aware of the products we purchase, the foods we consume, and… Read More ›