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Giving Thanks 2019

Although some retailers would have us believe otherwise, we are not in the midst of the Christmas season. Not yet, Santa, not yet. Before we deck the halls with boughs of holly or anything else for that matter, don our… Read More ›

One Thousand

Yesterday evening, after I published my latest blog post, I received a notification from WordPress. This was no ordinary notification, either. It was a note congratulating me for publishing my one thousandth blog post. 1,000! I started blogging in June… Read More ›


Recently, I was fortunate enough to return to my college alma mater in the company of several of my former classmates.  One of those classmates is now my boyfriend.  It was the first time that he had returned to campus… Read More ›

Fine Dining

One of the many domestic skills that I am woefully lacking in is the art of cooking.  Make no mistake, I can find my way around the kitchen well enough to keep my daughters and myself alive and well, and… Read More ›

In Good Company

  Independence Day afforded me some time to reflect on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness this morning, as I set out to run the trails.  Much like a pilot has a pre-flight checklist, I have a pre-run checklist… Read More ›

The Year’s Not Over Yet

Years ago, when my oldest daughter started preschool, I traded in my traditional January-December calendar for one that ran July-June. This new calendar allowed me to better manage her new school schedule and extracurricular activities. Even now, I still purchase… Read More ›