That’s Another Story

Dad. D.A.D. Dad.

When my girls were toddlers, one of their favorite television shows was Sesame Street.  It was one of my favorites, too, actually.  On this Father’s Day, one of the skits that comes to mind is a brief one that shows different fathers and… Read More ›

Pride 2022

If April showers bring May flowers, then, May flowers bring June. . .rainbows.  Okay, it doesn’t rhyme, but it doesn’t have to, because there is no need for conformity. Welcome to Pride Month! Some of my family members and friends… Read More ›

This Isn’t Working

When I was a child, my first exposure to guns was through cartoons that depicted guns as props in a silly story, where nobody actually was harmed or died, at least not permanently.  My knowledge of guns only slightly expanded thanks… Read More ›

Peaceful Practices

Spring is a time of growth, renewal, and peace. As nature awakens from a long winter’s slumber, it yawns and stretches, getting ready for the changing of the seasons. People are cyclical, too, and spring often brings us similar feelings…. Read More ›