That’s Another Story


Words and phrases, like fashion, can be trendy. Thanks to COVID-19, unprecedented, social distancing, pandemic, and herd immunity are now part of our every day conversation. In the corporate world, if I had a dollar for every time someone uttered… Read More ›


Uncomfortable. That was my youngest daughter’s response when I asked her how she was feeling after her first day of classes. Uncomfortable. Approximately five days prior to this response, I dropped her off for her first year of college, and… Read More ›

Here’s Why

Why should I leave, when I already have everything I want right here? My youngest daughter posed the above question to me, after returning home from saying good-bye to a friend. They both are leaving for their first year of… Read More ›

Then What?!

Today kicks off what I, jokingly and affectionately, refer to as my birthday month.  Because in true Leo fashion, one day is simply not enough time to celebrate!  It also is my fiancé’s birthday month, which is even more reason to… Read More ›

1,825 Days

Fifth wedding anniversaries are commemorated in a number of ways. The traditional anniversary gift is wood, or you can go the contemporary route and give a gift of silverware. Year five even has its own gemstone, sapphire, assigned to it… Read More ›

Stepping Up

Today, the spotlight is on the people we call Dad. Father. Pops. Papa. Daddy. Regardless of the term of endearment we use, it’s a day devoted to them. This evening, I will celebrate Father’s Day with my Dad and give… Read More ›