Senior Moments

Lately, I have been experiencing senior moments at a fast and furious rate, and I just want them to slow down, at least a bit.  Actually, I want them to slow down a lot.  These senior moments are completely unrelated to my fiftieth birthday… Read More ›


I often have joked that I need to find a job creating the word or phrase of the month that are introduced into the corporate world and used in every conceivable form of communication.  Most of the time, these words… Read More ›

Begin. End. Repeat.

Life is a series of beginnings and endings, with people being a living example of this concept.  We are born.  We die. As we make our way from birth to death,  we give witness to, and experience,  beginnings and endings of all sorts, both… Read More ›

Constant Change

I don’t like change.  To be more precise, I don’t like change that I cannot predict, prepare for, and control, which pretty much encompasses most changes that occur in life.  When things are going smoothly, I don’t give change a second… Read More ›