University of Dayton

Senior Moments

Lately, I have been experiencing senior moments at a fast and furious rate, and I just want them to slow down, at least a bit.  Actually, I want them to slow down a lot.  These senior moments are completely unrelated to my fiftieth birthday… Read More ›


There are a variety of reasons why I step away from my blog from time to time.  Sometimes, I have nothing to share and remain silent until I do.  Other times, life gets in the way, as other personal and… Read More ›

March Madness

In Kentucky, basketball is king, and I am one of its many loyal subjects.  My parents moved to Kentucky from Minnesota two years prior to my birth, and they became University of Kentucky (UK) fans.  I don’t know why they were… Read More ›

I Went Back to Ohio

Thanks to traffic, it took me a bit longer than usual to make the trip from Kentucky to Ohio, but it was worth it, since some of my college roommates were waiting to welcome me back “home”.