Day Twenty-Five: 30 Days of Gratitude

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One of the things that I took note of. on this twenty-fifth day of thirty days of gratitude, is that instead of trying to recount the people and things that I was grateful at the end of the day, I now notice them throughout the day.  There is an inner dialogue among my heart, mind, and baby soul that gives thanks for things big (the health and well-being of my daughters) and small (a hot shower to start my day), and I find myself looking for the positive in challenging situations.  This is foreign territory for a pessimistic optimist/optimistic pessimist, but I could definitely get used to this.  These are three of the things that made me stop and give thanks today:

  1. Peaceful resolution.  My day began with a tense situation outside of the day shelter for homeless men where I work that left me feeling rattled.  Contrary…

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  1. Thanks for keeping me on sacred – and grateful – ground with these wonderful, positive, thoughtful posts. Having a very difficult week emotionally and these are helping me immeasurably as I look forward to the next one each day 🙂


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