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  • Here’s to Good Health

    The Memories feature on Facebook provides a daily trip down memory lane. Sometimes, looking back at those past pictures and events is a most pleasant trip indeed. Other times, doing so can be a painful journey into the past that… Read More ›

  • Take It to the Mat

    Two years ago, one of my colleagues invited several people from work to join her for Yoga Nidra.  I did not know what Yoga Nidra was, but I knew that I was in need of the relaxation and reduction in… Read More ›

  • Good Morning

    Five days a week, I wake up before the sun does, partly by choice and partly out of necessity. I could catch a little more shuteye, but I prefer to workout before I get my daughter up for school and… Read More ›

  • Complimentary

    Words can either make or break someone’s day. I am grateful that one of my colleagues decided to share some kind words with me that absolutely made my day. Following a meeting, I received this message: Great to hear your… Read More ›

  • A Cup of Kindness

    When I woke up this morning, I thought about my schedule at work and what household chores awaited me after work. As I continue to share some of my daily moments of gratitude, in preparation for, and anticipation of, Thanksgiving… Read More ›

  • Being Grateful is as Simple as ABC

    Over the past decade, I have had occasional issues with waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to fall back asleep. It’s infrequent, but frustrating, especially when I already wake up early to exercise before… Read More ›