Because I’m Happy

I recently enjoyed a delicious dinner with my friend, Allison, whom I refer to as a real writer.  She is a published and paid writer, hence, she has more than earned the moniker of real writer.  After not writing for over… Read More ›

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  • All Is Well

    Words carry a great deal of weight.  They are powerful beyond measure, whether they are directed at another person or at ourselves.  Sometimes, words take on even greater meaning and importance because of who is behind them and when they are shared.  Recently, I… Read More ›

  • Live and Be Happy

    Is it bad that I want to live?  I just want to be happy. That question and the statement that followed it were made by someone who is very special to me during a recent exchange of messages between us. … Read More ›

  • Finding the Joy in the Ordinary

    For the second year in a row, I began the new year in a small, sacred place in a part of town that is known more for thoroughbreds and the Kentucky Derby than it is for yoga and meditation.  I… Read More ›

  • Elevate

    A few months ago, I attended a day long retreat in an idyllic place nestled among woods and hills in the country with a small group of wonderful women.  One of the first things we did that day was to… Read More ›

  • Badasses Who Brunch

    You may be familiar with the phrase, Ladies who lunch, and you may even be one of those ladies. I am not. Allow me to introduce you to a group that recently gathered that I am humbled to be part… Read More ›

  • 2018: Just Getting Started

    At this point in the year, I usually am barely hanging on to what’s left of my shredded sanity, as I feverishly wait for the new year to rescue me from the current year’s challenges. Not this year, though. For… Read More ›