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Benign Memories

I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook’s feature that displays memories of what you have shared on your profile page.  Some memories make me smile big time, while others make me cringe.  Today’s memory had all been but forgotten, but once… Read More ›

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  • Gobble, Gobble

    Photo Credit: www.knowyourmeme.com

    Although I am known for my gift of gab, and my person is known for his listening skills, this morning, we switched roles.  As he talked about some situations that continue to frustrate him, I listened attentively.  When he finished,… Read More ›

  • I’m Just A Girl From Kentucky

    A Photo Of A Barn In A Field With Trees

    Recently, I celebrated another birthday, and that celebration brought forth greetings and wishes from friends, family members, and acquaintances.  Some of the greetings touched my heart.  Some made me laugh uproariously.  Some sent me off on a trip down memory… Read More ›

  • No White Flags

    Steve Gleason

    It is not unusual to hear a professional athlete referred to as a hero.  On September 25, 2006, when New Orleans Saint Steve Gleason blocked a punt in the first home game played in the Superdome following Hurricane Katrina, some labeled… Read More ›

  • Sometimes, Wishes Come True

    Photo Credit: www.kristijojedlicki.com

    Ever since I was a little girl, I have been making wishes.  I have silently made wishes of all kinds, while blowing out the candles on my birthday cake, upon seeing the first star shining brightly in the night sky,… Read More ›

  • Falling Silent

    Man Reaching For The Stars And Putting Them In A Wheelbarrel

    I thought that after I wrote my most recent blog, She Won, my period of silence would end. I thought that honoring my friend and sharing my grief would help me find my voice, again.  I thought that I would return to writing… Read More ›

  • She Won

    Photo Credit: www.kristijojedlicki.com

    Normally, when my blog goes silent, it is because I do not have anything that I feel the need to share.  This time, though, is different and definitely not normal, whatever that is.  No, the silence comes from having too… Read More ›


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