4 More Years

Unless something unexpectedly goes wrong, which, as I know all too well, is within the realm of possibilities, on October 20, I will mark 4 years as a breast cancer survivor. Breast cancer survivor. That still is so surreal. The… Read More ›

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  • The Writing’s on the Wall

    One of the perks of working downtown is that I am surrounded by a veritable feast for the senses. My sense of sight is the greatest benefactor of this ever changing buffet of people, places, and things. One wall of… Read More ›

  • An Emptier Nest

    I have not cried in over 12 hours.  That fact may seem inconsequential for an unabashed crier like me, but it is quite significant when you put it into the proper context.  In the week leading up to my oldest… Read More ›

  • Bittersweet Birthday

    My birthday month, aka August, is fast approaching, and rather than wanting it to hurry up and arrive, in order to get this party started, I want time to slow down or stop in its tracks altogether. For this year,… Read More ›

  • Fine Dining

    One of the many domestic skills that I am woefully lacking in is the art of cooking.  Make no mistake, I can find my way around the kitchen well enough to keep my daughters and myself alive and well, and… Read More ›

  • In Good Company

      Independence Day afforded me some time to reflect on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness this morning, as I set out to run the trails.  Much like a pilot has a pre-flight checklist, I have a pre-run checklist… Read More ›

  • The Year’s Not Over Yet

    Years ago, when my oldest daughter started preschool, I traded in my traditional January-December calendar for one that ran July-June. This new calendar allowed me to better manage her new school schedule and extracurricular activities. Even now, I still purchase… Read More ›