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  • Rocked

    Normally, I trail run on the weekends, but earlier this week, I treated myself to not one trail run, but two trail runs, after work. It felt downright decadent to escape into the woods, as the trees provided cool relief… Read More ›

  • Life Is Good Today

    Today does not find me with my toes in the water, and my ass is not in the sand. I do not have a cold beer in my hand, either. My world does contain some worries, but life is good… Read More ›

  • 2018: Halftime

    Six months from today, it will all be over, and it will all be just beginning, too.  The ball in Times Square will have dropped.  The singing of Auld Lang Syne will have concluded.  2018 will have been put to rest.  And… Read More ›

  • Signs and Songs

    When I first was introduced to trail running by a friend, we would hit the trails together, sometimes joined by other friends.  After my world imploded 7 years ago, I began trail running by myself, though, and have continued to… Read More ›

  • Muted

    I am not sure at what age I spoke my first word, but I do know that I have been talking in my jacked up north meets south accent ever since that momentous day. I was born with the gift… Read More ›

  • Two Years of Smiles and Tears

    Despite being mathematically challenged, I possess Rain Man-like skills when it comes to one particular thing related to numbers. Dates. I can recall specific dates, such as birthdays, and I also can recall the exact date that even some of… Read More ›