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  • Living in the And

    On average, we speak 7,000 words and have over 60,000 thoughts each day. That is a lot of words and a lot of thoughts. A whole lot. Words can be both powerful and meaningful, yet we often go on automatic… Read More ›

  • Vaccinated

    I may be alone in this, but I find it difficult to simply say the word vaccine. Whenever I see or hear it, I immediately hear the iconic Dolly Parton song, Jolene, in my hear. I then substitute Jolene with… Read More ›

  • Allowed

    Part of my daily morning routine is to say the Serenity Prayer and then ask for guidance, before choosing one of Cory Lockhart’s beautiful Cards for Remembering. I shuffle the deck, and then, without looking, I randomly choose a card…. Read More ›

  • How to Be a Badass

    There’s nothing that can ever adequately prepare your heart and mind to lose someone you love. Absolutely nothing. Not that I needed to be reminded of that, but that point was unexpectedly driven home earlier this week. My brave, sassy,… Read More ›

  • Story Time

    For the past 13 months, I have relied on the safety and convenience of online shopping to keep our household running smoothly. We have had everything from groceries to pet supplies to books to clothing delivered to our front door…. Read More ›

  • Think (and Live) Outside The Box

    Catchphrases are, well, catchy. They tend to be short, straight to the point, and memorable. Some are motivating. Just do it. Some are instructive. Make it work. Some are inquisitive. Where’s the beef? And some are downright dismissive. Sashay away…. Read More ›

  • The Doctor Is Out

    The world sometimes can be a big, scary place for children to navigate. During childhood, it is not unusual for kids to find themselves afraid of a variety of things. The dark. Strangers. Being away from home. As a little… Read More ›

  • This Was The Year That. . .

    Normally, year in review articles and montages start popping up in December, as we reflect on the events of the past year and prepare for the new one. That is what normally happens, and as we wrapped up 2020, it… Read More ›

  • When Being Mindful is a Handful

    Recently, in a moment of what I would describe as divine intervention, I registered for a Reiki I training.  Moments prior to doing so, I hadn’t ever considered signing up, but the moment I did, I couldn’t imagine not doing… Read More ›