Just Add Water

Today’s moment of gratitude occurred as soon as I woke up and began my day on a good note. As I slowly stirred from my slumber, I detected the soft sound of rain falling outside of my window and on the rooftop. It was a gentle, melodic rhythm that was sweet music to my ears.

Something so simple as a rainy fall day leaves me feeling an abundance of gratitude. The addition of rain has transformed an ordinary day into a series of small pleasures.

The world seems a bit quieter and more peaceful.

My cup of hot tea feels more comforting, as it warms me from the inside out, and is savored even more.

My mood is more reflective and calm, leaving me feeling centered and present.

My home has taken on an even cozier vibe.

I certainly love sunny fall days, but today, I am thankful for this rainy one.

Just one thing each day . . .

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  1. I love this and feel the very same way.💕

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  2. I agree. So sweet.

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