My 2013 Theme, Part II


Although I read “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in high school, much of it, including this quote, was lost on me.  Ah, youth!  When I came across this quote a few months ago, it immediately became one of my favorites and has been on my mind recently.  Like Joan of Arc’s quote, “I am not afraid.  I was born to do this”, Shakespeare’s quote is one of my themes for the upcoming year.

Lately, I have felt more “little” than “fierce”, but I am working diligently to reverse that.  As I reflect on this past year, I am proud of some of the things I have accomplished and grateful for my blessings, and I also am learning to understand and accept some of the lessons that were presented to me in the form of missed opportunities and mistakes I made.  It is much easier to be appreciative of lessons that come from pleasant experiences, but the lessons that come from painful experiences may be the greatest teachers of all.  Trust me, I would much rather not have to learn lessons the hard way, but in the end, I suppose that it is just important that the lessons be learned and the mistakes not be repeated.  I definitely can be a slow learner, especially when it comes to matters of the heart, but eventually, I embrace the wisdom that is imparted on me and act accordingly.  To paraphrase Maya Angelou, once I know better, I do better.

In the new year, I intend to not make myself “little”, in terms of selling myself short, settling for less than I want, need, and deserve, and giving my big heart to those who do not cherish it.  I will hold fast to my dreams, regardless of if someone else believes I can make them a reality or not, and I will reclaim my power to help myself and others without it being at the expense of my own emotional, spiritual, physical, mental, and financial well-being.  I definitely am not perfect and embrace my flaws, but I know that I am better than this. 

In 2011, my life imploded, and in 2012, I began to reconfigure the shattered pieces.  In 2013, I intend to shift from surviving to thriving, and in order to do that, I most certainly have to be fierce and not be afraid.  So, as I say ‘good-bye’ to this year and prepare to welcome the new year, I do so with the belief that the best is yet to come.  Here’s to 2013 being as absolutely amazing as I hope, want, and need it to be on every level, as it is time!

That’s another story . . .


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