Dinner’s Ready


In the past week, I have experienced moments when I felt like an absolute bad ass, as I performed some tasks that previously were performed by my ex-husband, but now they are my responsibility.  When the clogged French drain in our driveway threatened to flood the garage, I grabbed my primitive tools of a small garden shovel and something that looks like a small skewer and braved the rain to dislodge the leaves and dirt that blocked the drain.  I saved the garage!  When the toilet seat in my bathroom became loose and wobbly, I figured out how to tighten it.  I was the queen on the throne once more!  When the washing machine did not drain properly, determined that the clogged drain in the utility sink was causing the water to back up into the drainage hose and back into the washer.  I felt like a super bad ass for figuring out the source of the problem and then the solution, a plunger and drain cleaner.  Just today, I unclogged my daughters’ toilet.  Who needs Mr. Plumber when you have Ms. Bad Ass?!  I felt unstoppable, until tonight.

Irregardless of how bad ass I felt, all it took was one comment from my younger daughter to bring me back to reality.  As she entered the kitchen while I was preparing dinner, she sincerely inquired, “Mom, what’s burning on the stove for dinner?”  With that remark, so ended my reign as a bad ass . . .

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4 replies

  1. You’re still a bad ass! What’s a little black on dinner?


  2. Love it!! Remember this, anyone can burn dinner. Only a true bad ass can burn dinner AND do all the other things you did. From one bad ass mom to another……HIGH FIVE!!!!


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