I began my day with a long walk with my friend, Heather, and along with plenty of miles, we logged lots of talk time.  These walks and talks are part therapy session and part comedy show, as Heather and I catch up and share the serious and not-so-serious aspects of our respective lives.  After the walk, Heather fed my body with a delicious breakfast, but something she said on our walk fed my mind and heart.

At one point during our walk, Heather shared some recent advice she had offered to a friend who is struggling with an extremely difficult divorce, one that has consumed every aspect of her friend’s life.  Heather recognized the emotional toll that this situation has taken on her friend, and she posed the question to her, “What are you going to focus on when this (the divorce) is all over?”  Her friend speculated that she would figure that out when the divorce is finalized, but Heather suggested that her friend begin to find something positive to focus her time and energy on and to do now, not later.  In addition to being a great cook, Heather is one smart cookie!

Heather’s advice may have been meant for someone else, but it felt like it was meant for me.  Ever since her wise words hit my ears, they were batted about in my mind and found their way to my heart.  It really made me ponder what consumes me, and I didn’t have to delve too deeply to discover the answers.  I quickly realized that I am consumed by a mixture of positive and less than positive thoughts, feelings, and ideas and a collision of my past, present, and future.  When my life is firing on all cylinders, it is because I am spending time and energy in healthy relationships with others and myself, eating foods that nourish my body, focusing on gratitude, thinking positive thoughts, exercising, and following my heart.  When I am consumed by anxiety and depression that is triggered by self-doubt, fear, and loss, my attention and actions head down the rabbit hole of unhealthy habits and self-defeating words and behaviors.

It is one thing to know what to do, and it is an entirely different matter to actually do it.  As I continue to take stock of all that consumes me in a negative way, I also am taking steps to say, do, and think the things that I would do, if everything I feel is lacking in my life were present already.  It really is easy to put life on hold until life responds in the way we want it to or believe it should, but perhaps, we need to be the ones who show life we are ready for what we desire.  I may be wrong about that, but I do know that devouring life’s goodness definitely beats being consumed by life’s challenges.

That’s another story . . .

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