Gratitude Day 25

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On this Thanksgiving Eve, I am feeling a bit more melancholy than appreciative and appreciated.  So, as I focus on ending this day on positive note and prepare to celebrate one of my favorite holidays, I turn my attention outward to some of the amazing people in my life whom I cannot thank enough.  There really are too many to mention, but on this day, I give thanks for, and a nod to, some true gems who made this day brighter:

  1. My mom.  My mom began her day by accompanying me to the surgeon for my post-op appointment.  She was there for moral support and to be an extra set of ears to take in all of the information that the surgeon shared with me.  On a daily basis, my mom is always ready to help out, if needed, and she always does so willingly and unselfishly.
  2. My person.  As I waited in the surgeon’s office, I felt my nervousness subside when my person called to say good morning and to wish me well.  I appreciated the pleasantries and concern, in addition to being able to debrief afterward.  I appreciate being able to share every part of my day with my person, as one’s time and interest are priceless gifts.
  3. My surgeon.  I appreciate his straight forward, yet caring and reassuring, bedside manner, and his surgical skills.  He has been the perfect addition to my growing group of healthcare providers, and he gets a kick of when I say I am getting kicked out of the breast cancer club as quickly as possible
  4. My middle sister, Kim.  As I waited for my referral to the oncologist, Kim texted me to let me know that she was thinking of me and loved me.  I appreciate that when the chips are down, she is there to help pick them up.  I also appreciate that she is hosting our family’s Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, as she is a great cook!
  5. My diverse group of friends.  I appreciate that John and Scott alerted me that AMC was showing one of our favorite films, “Gone With The Wind” this morning and this evening.  I appreciate the sweet cards from Ellen and Trude that arrived in today’s mail.  I appreciate that Donna and Mary always are there for me, no matter what.   I appreciate each of my friends, for they enrich my life in countless ways.

I appreciate the kind words and actions that so many people display every day, and I hope that we all find ways daily to appreciate, respect, care about, and love the people who decorate our lives and those who need it the most.

Just one thing each day . . .


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  1. Have a blessed Thanksgiving! So much to be grateful for!!

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