Gratitude-Restorative Yoga and Reiki

Today, I am most grateful for bookends.  Not the actual ones that keep books organized and upright, but two figurative ones that help to keep me organized and upright, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

I woke up to an extra hour in my day, temperatures in the mid-50s, and sunny, blue Kentucky skies.  It was sheer perfection, and I knew exactly how I wanted to take advantage of both the weather and time.  I made my way to the trails and took off running.

As I ran, I took in my surroundings and gave repeated thanks that I was able to be there to enjoy it.  The leaves that obscured the dirt paths were of various hues, shapes, and sizes, and they resembled pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that were spread out on a long, winding table.  The scent of the leaves and the earth below them was intoxicating, and the beauty of the scenery took my breath away.  As music filled my ear buds, my heart was filled with utter joy and appreciation.

When I was on the trails, I felt safe and free, and everything that had been weighing me down off of the trails was quickly discarded once I started running.  As I ran today, I became aware of how light I felt, as I moved along the paths amongst the trees, and I could not stop grinning from ear to ear.  My day could have ended as soon as my run concluded, and I would have been truly happy.  I am glad that it didn’t, though, because there was much more to be thankful for this evening.

As the day progressed, the sun gave way to clouds, and the rain slowly meandered in to provide the backdrop for how I ended my day.  Long ago, I declared myself to be a yoga dropout.  As much as I wanted to embrace yoga with the same type of enthusiasm and devotion of other yogis, I just couldn’t.  Until last year.

When a colleague and friend invited me to join her at a yoga studio for Yoga Nidra, I tried to think of how to politely decline her invitation.  When she explained that it was different from some of the other yoga practices I had tried and that it was great for alleviating things, such as stress and anxiety, I was all in and ready to om with the best of them.  After that first practice, I was no longer a yoga dropout.  I was back with an open heart and an open mind.

Tonight, I found myself back in the sacred space of the yoga studio for restorative yoga and reiki.  There are few more peaceful and relaxing ways to end the day than with gentle yoga poses and the healing power of reiki.  Afterward, as always, I left feeling more centered and content than when I entered.

While I am very grateful for the practice of restorative yoga and reiki, I am most grateful for the genuine souls who were there as yogis and healers.  Every single time I walk through those doors at the yoga studio, I am greeted with warmth, kindness, acceptance, and compassion.  They provide a wonderful environment to learn, grow, heal, and laugh, and the positive energy is palpable.  I am grateful for the wisdom, love, and support that they offer everyone who gathers there and to the community at large.  It feels like a home for my body, mind, and soul, much like the trails do, as well.

So, trail running and restorative yoga and reiki bookended my Sunday to begin and end it with a smile on my face and feeling truly grateful.  It was a good day indeed, and I am thankful.   Happy trails, and namaste!

Just one thing each day. . .

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