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If you are reading this blog post, then without knowing it, you already know the one thing that I did for myself today.  After talking with the social media strategist yesterday about my dream to be a writer, I spent time today implementing her suggestions and taking more steps to make my dream come true.  One of those steps was to merge my two blogs into one, so, I created this new site and am in the process of tweaking it.  I am not technologically savvy, and patience is not one of my better virtues, which is not a good combination when embarking on such a task as this one.  That said, I persisted, and overall, I am pleased with the results.

When I was talking to my professional contact yesterday morning, I told her that I was “compulsive” and would start working on the tasks she recommended immediately.  As I checked off some of the tasks on my carefully constructed ‘To Do’ list, I thought of that comment and realized that while I do tend to be compulsively neat and organized, when it comes to my writing, I am passionate about it, not compulsive.  It does not matter that I have never written professionally, as I see myself as a professional writer already, or that every time I begin to doubt either my abilities or possible career opportunities, an inner voice emerges to quiet the negative thoughts and urge me forward toward my goal.  The best thing that I can do for myself is to believe in myself and go after my dreams, and today, I did both.

This theme of relentlessly pursuing one’s dreams carried over into the one thing that I did today that I truly hope made a positive difference for a very special friend of mine.  This particular friend is someone who has been supportive of me in all of my personal and professional pursuits, and she has the uncanny ability to say exactly what I need to hear in a way that resonates with me at just the right time.   I am immensely grateful to call her my friend.

So, it pained me when she shared some difficulties she is experiencing in her career, as she is too creative, talented, and intelligent to be treated as anything but the valuable employee and wonderful person she is.  I have been in a similar situation in a past job, so, I empathized with her and offered her my support.  Then, I posed the following question that I hope she ponders and answers for herself, “If you could do anything, what would you really want to do?”  She has sacrificed a great deal personally and professionally, and I want more than anything for her to follow her bliss.  Today, I wanted to remind her that I believe in her and will help her in whatever way I can, because as I have discovered, pursuing your dreams is what can bring hope and joy to even the darkest situations.  She may doubt herself, but I have no doubt that our respective dreams are about to come true.

Just one thing each day . . .

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