One of the ways that I try to show kindness to others is to take the time to offer genuine compliments to people I know, and even to people I don’t know, whenever possible.  Today, I noticed a man wearing a red shirt, so, I smiled and said, “I really like your shirt; it looks nice.”

Irregardless of the sincerity of my compliment, his candid reply trumped it by far.  He returned my smile and responded, “Thanks; I stole it”, and kept on walking.

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  1. What a great gesture. And the ending is hilarious. Thanks for the laugh!


  2. As I was leaving the Olive Garden today I held the door open to two well dressed woman. As they pass I said ‘My you ladies are looking mighty fine today.’ The last one through the door smiled and said thank you. I was genuine and it was not taken as flirtatious. My wife agreed.


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