Happy Birthday to You


I love birthdays, and March offers up over a dozen opportunities to celebrate the birthdays of various friends and family members.  The day someone is born is nothing short of miraculous, and their presence in the world touches countless lives in untold ways from the moment they take their first breath.  The impact each person makes in this world lasts a lifetime and continues even after they depart this world.  So, birthdays are a pretty big deal indeed.

Today, I mailed more birthday cards and gifts to some of the friends and family members who are celebrating birthdays this month to remind them that they are thought of, cared about, and loved.  Some of the cards and gifts were funny, others were sentimental, but all were chosen with the recipient in mind to make them feel special.  I am so fortunate to be surrounded by such amazing people, and I just wanted to take the time to do something kind for them.  I hope that I succeed in making it an even happier birthday for each one of them.

I gave myself the gift of good mental health today, as I am starting to recognize and accept that I am just as special as those I love so very much.  I continued to strengthen my practice of staying present and having an attitude of gratitude, and any time a negative thought emerged, I acknowledged it, then swiftly challenged it with a more positive thought.  It is beginning to become second nature to eschew, rather than embrace, the thoughts, feelings, actions, and relationships that do not serve my best interests.  It feels really good and is a gift that keeps on giving.

Just one thing each day . . .

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