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The Thank You Note

by Kristi Jo Jedlicki

The Thank You Note The thank you note was written on a scrap piece of paper that was carefully folded up and gently pressed into the palm of my hand by one of our regular guests at the day shelter for homeless men where I have the pleasure and privilege of working. The note was written in pencil, and the handwriting was small, yet very neat. What it lacked in proper grammar and sentence structure, it more than made up for in its heartfelt sentiment.

The note began with “Shorts 38 or 40”, indicating that the author of said note was in need of a new pair of underwear. What most of us consider to be a basic staple of our wardrobe, this gentleman considers to be a luxury item. While I could not provide him with permanent housing, which is the ultimate item every one…

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2 replies

  1. Great post on the Kindness blog.
    I hope you are doing well. 🙂


    • Elizabeth, thank you so much! I am busy, but with things that bring joy, like my daughters, work, and the Kentucky Derby festivities, and I finally feel like three years after my world imploded that I have turned a corner. I hope all is well with you and yours, and just keep taking those positive steps forward and know I am on the path right next to you, so, you don’t walk alone.


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