Gratitude, My Daughters’ Friends

In addition to my family, I count my friends as some of the greatest blessings in my life.  I have friends whom I have known since, literally, the day I was born and others whom have come into my life more recently.  These friendships have developed in a variety of places and under a number of circumstances.  In school. At work. While undergoing treatment for infertility, anxiety/depression, and nrrast cancer.  At the gym. Social media. Through mutual friends. I cannot imagine my life without the friends I have made along the way, and my love and gratitude for them is endless.

When my daughters were born, I used to wonder how their lives would unfold and what they would be like at various stages in their growth and development. One aspect that I also wondered about was who their friends would be. I hoped and prayed that they have genuine friendships with good people and that they, in turn, would be true friends, as well.  This weekend, I was reminded that my prayers for my daughters were answered. 

The past 48 hours have been a flurry of friends for my girls. They each spent the night with a close friend, and they both are celebrating Friendsgiving with old and new friends.  My youngest daughter had an added bonus of enjoying a dance last night in the company of good friends. These events were in addition to their daily communication through texts, calls, and/or social media with their friends. 

They have  balanced maintaining friendships from grade school with developing new friendships in high school.  It has been such a delight watching them make these friendships and seeing them being supported and loved.  I am relieved, happy, and thankful that they have forged healthy friendships with such a great group of young women and men, and I am grateful to the parents of their friends for raising such amazing children. 

 I am very grateful that each of my daughters have found their tribe.  Their people.  Their posse.  Their friends. 

Just one thing each day.  . .

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