The Magic Is Gone


Recently, when my special friend visited me here in Louisville, Kentucky, I was thrilled when asked if we could go to Churchill Downs.  To me, the home of the twin spires, not Disney World, is the happiest place on earth, so, I was more than willing to honor their request.  As we walked along the grounds, the history and tradition were almost palpable.  We went inside the Derby Museum and watched a replay of the 139th Run for the Roses.  I had goose bumps watching Orb come from behind to win the race on a sloppy track.  As the replay ended, my special friend first spoke words that were music to my ears, when they said, “This place is magical”.  That said, this lovely comment was quickly followed by words that were like a wet blanket on my enthusiasm, as they muttered, “Let’s get out of here” and headed for the door.

Irregardless of how magical a moment is, it, like all good things, must come to an end.   The magic is gone indeed.

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  1. Oh my,dispute this person’s remark, I hope you will never forget and continue to appreciate the magic of Churchill Downs! ❤


  2. Pardon my lack of knowledge, what is Churchill Downs?


  3. I always enjoy each and look forward to every visit to Churchill Downs…and whenever there, I close my eyes, hear the hoof beats and the crowd cheering as they turn for the stretch.
    What a feeling!


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