Just What the Doctor Ordered


The week is ending just as it began, with my oldest daughter being home from school ill and me taking off of work to care for her.  There was a new twist today, though, as I also had to play doctor for my ex-husband.  Wait a minute, that definitely does not sound right, so, allow me to explain.  My ex-husband rarely gets sick, so, when he does, I take note.  Today, I definitely took note.

The past few days, he has mentioned that he has not been feeling well, and this afternoon, when I dropped off our daughters at his home, I realized that he was not all talk.  No offense to him at all, but he looked and sounded awful.  He is not one to complain or to ask for help, so, I took it upon myself to help him without being asked.  I went to the local drugstore and got him some cold medicine to help alleviate his symptoms and made sure that our girls were settled in before I left his home to return to mine.  He was very appreciative of my help, and it was a small act of kindness that reminded both of us to be thankful for the fact that we remain the best of friends, even if we were not the best of spouses.

Something positive that I did for myself is what I am doing right now actually.  After having my ill child glued to me all week, I am reveling in time alone on a rainy Friday evening.  In addition to getting some more household tasks finished, I also intend to indulge in an evening of good reading and bad TV.  This may not be the most exciting way to spend a Friday night, but it is exactly what I need after a week of being “Dr. Mom”.

Often times, doing even a small act of kindness pays off in a big way.  I hope that the medicine I picked up for my ex-husband puts him on the road to recovery, and I hope that an evening to myself helps me to relax and regroup.  Both positive gestures are just what the doctor ordered indeed.

Just one thing each day . . .

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11 replies

  1. We’re always a Mom, huh? Even with the ex’s.


  2. Awe I hope everyone feels better soon! I am doing the same this evening, catching up on Scandal before the new season starts 🙂 And loving the rain, makes for a cozy day of studying and an awesome run tomorrow 🙂


  3. I have been playing Dr Mum to my son as well (he is 27!) as he had a knee operation three weeks ago. It can drain the energy banks playing this rile – even though I would not have it any other way.
    Hope all your sick ones get better soon 🙂


  4. Oops, that should have been ‘playing this “role” ‘


  5. Kristy… you are my idol. Seriously. And… I think maybe you need to be the matchmaker for your ex husband and be sure that anybody he chooses also becomes your best friend!! You are amazing.


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