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One of my 2014 resolutions was to indulge in a massage every month as one way to manage my stress and anxiety and to take better care of myself overall, and it was one resolution that I definitely kept.  In fact, it went so well that I made it one of my 2015 resolutions.  This afternoon, I slid onto the heated massage table and instantly felt the stress of the day begin to melt away, as the massage therapist began by soothingly advising me to thank myself for taking the time to do something good for myself today.  Even though I have heard her say this phrase over a dozen times previously, today was the first time that I actually took her words in and acted on them.

As I relaxed for the next hour, her gentle nudge to thank myself kept popping into my now calm mind.  I…

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  1. Hello.
    For some reason this blog was not appearing in my reader although posts were still showing up via your kindness blog.
    Anyway, I have fixed now. I hope I haven’t missed too many posts.

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